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  • Poseidon Cali-Made Cruiser SUP

Poseidon Cali-Made Cruiser SUP

$ 1,249.00

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The Poseidon Cali-Made Cruiser is an all around board for novice paddlers or a great shape for a larger paddler looking for a surf shape. An even blend of stability, glide and surfing performance make the Cruiser a very versatile board. The slightly wider width and moderate length make for a stable board that at the 9'2" x 31" size is a great board for lighter riders or women who don't need an overly large board. The 10'6" x 32" is a great board that can be used by most paddlers up to 200lbs and for more more experienced riders over 200lbs. Lakes, Rivers and Waves all beckon the Cruiser to set cruise.........

The Poseidon Cali-Made Surf Series Paddle Boards were born, bred and are made here in the SoCal hot bed of SUP surfing. Carbon and Kevlar construction with a stringerless EPS foam core make these ultra light and strong performers. 

Includes: OAM Slater Trout Traction Pad, US made Poseidon fiberglass Center fin and Future composite side fins. 

Suggested Sizes: (Custom Dimensions Available for Custom Orders)

9'2" x 31" x 4 1/2"    144 Litres

10'6" x 32" x 4 5/8"    177 Litres

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