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  • 2016 Starboard 11'2" X 30" Blend AST Electric SUP

2016 Starboard 11'2" X 30" Blend AST Electric SUP

$ 1,849.00

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Product Details

“The board for blending flat water and waves, just got better.”

The Blend maintains its reputation as an excellent flat-water cruising board, with its length and narrower width, providing excellent glide for cruising, exploring and fitness. 

With good glide, the Blend also allows you to paddle into waves easily, providing an excellent board for surfing.

Its traditional longboard style and wave handling have been vastly improved with a new deeper V double-concave bottom. This provides a faster ride and even better glide on the wave, with improved trim and even more responsive cutbacks than its predecessor.

It now also turns real well standing in the middle of the board.

“Round nose to flat concave to V”

10.45 kg
23.04 lbs
EST Weight

Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Max Rider Wgt:
11’2” 30” 4.4” 15.9” 178 L 95 kg
340.4 cm 76.2 cm 11.1 cm 40.4 cm
  • The Advanced Sandwich Technology has a 15 kg/m3 fused cell core for light weight and increased water resistance.
  • A three-dimensional glass laminate is wetted out with high grade expanding epoxy resin, creating a thicker impact resistant outer skin with increased overall hull strength.
  • A 500 kg/m3 veneer of 0.6mm uni-directional Australian Pine forms an outer layer on the deck resulting in extra impact resistance, rigidity and further improved overall hull integrity.
  • 300 grams uni-directional glass stringers are laminated flat on the deck and wrapped on fore rails in front of the standing area to support integrity while in surf conditions.
  • Extra reinforcements are placed around all inserts, resulting in zero insert damage reports so far.

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