Cloud 9 - S24 Sabre Foil Set

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      Product Description

      The S24 is laid up and reinforced with multiple layers of 100% Carbon Fiber which is then vacuum bagged. The 24" front wing provides increased lift and stability ideal for Surf and Kite foiling even in the most marginal of conditions. The 14" tail wing can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease lift to enhance the overall performance.

      100% Carbon Fiber construction with an adjustable rear wing mounting option: extended length for increased stability and pitch control. The shorter length setting allows for a tighter turning radius.

      Our anodized black military grade aluminum 27"(68cm) mast has a larger sweet spot allowing for pilot error when trimming on foil.

      Foil Attachment

      Our foils come with a standard (4 screw) Base Plate/collar. Commonly used on kite boards. Attaches to Foilmount or 2 Standard 10" US fin boxes set 3.5" apart on center in a cassette of high density foam. Advantages of Tracks, easily installed in thinner profile boards, Allows easy adjustment front and back to help tune placement of foil.


      Fuselage: 30.5" (77cm) Weight: 1.15lbs. (0.52kg)

      Mast: 27"(68cm)   Weight: 3.25lbs. (1.45kg)

      Hardware: M8 coated Stainless-Steel screws to help with galvanic corrosion. 0.7lbs. (.3kg)

      S24 Front Wing: 24" Weight: 2.25lbs.  (1.02kg) Surface area: 1126cm2

      S24 Rear Wing: 14"(40cm) Weight: 0.5lbs. (0.19kg)Surface area: 307cm2

      Base Plate: 7"x 5"(18cm x 13cm) Weight: 1.15 lbs. (0.52kg)

      Foil Case: 35" x 13" x 4.5" (88.9cm x 33cm x 11.4cm) 2.75lbs. (1.25kg)

      Total Weight: Excluding case 8.5lbs. (3.85kg)

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