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404 SUP - Monster Race Board 12'6" - Stand Up Paddle Boards

404 SUP - Monster Race Board 12'6" - Stand Up Paddle Boards

This high performance stock stand up paddle race design skillfully combines a rare blend of speed and stability. 

Inspired by single person racing hulls ranging from outrigger canoes to Olympic sprint kayaks, “the Monster“ effortlessly slices through the water.  The flat bottom and wide squaretail allow the board to plane at high speeds and still have a clean release.  

This innovative sup race board is stable enough for any beginner, yet fast enough to compete at the highest level. 

The Monster stand up paddle race board is suitable for all bodies of water.


Length: 12'6"
Width: 28 1/2"
Thickness: 5"

Includes Paddle Board Bag, Deck Pad and Fins





404 SUP - Race Trainer 10'6" - Paddle Board

404 SUP - Race Trainer 10'6" - Paddle Board

10’6” by 404 is a stable fast board; it was designed as a training board for Danny Ching. The idea was to create an easily transportable Stand Up board for daily use. After lugging around a 12’6” racing board we found that 10'6" seemed the ideal length.

Built with the same concepts, as the “Monster” 12’6”, the design of the 10’6” is a similar shape. The major difference in the two is it's greater width as to allow for better stability. Which is great if your strolling around with your dog or Kids.   

It can be used on lakes, rivers, harbors, and ocean paddling. You are only limited by the water available to paddle on.


Length: 10'6"
Width: 31"
Thickness: 5.25"

Volume: 214.5 L

Fin System:

Single Fin


Complete with Deck Pad and Fin




Quiksilver PFD Belt Pack

Quiksilver PFD Belt Pack

The Quiksilver PFD Life Jacket allows you to paddle board in style and safety. Stand Up Paddle Boards are considered vessels by the USCG and local waterway authorities and you are required to carry a PFD with you while paddling. With the low profile and light weight design of this stylish belt pack pfd, you will forget that you are even wearing it, but it will be there if you need it.


  • Nylon rip stop pouch with waist strap
  • inflatable, US Coast Guard approved life jacket
  • Carbon dioxide activated with pull cord
  • Replaceable carbon dioxide for reuse
  • Zippered pocket and emergency whistle

Starboard SUP - Astro Blend 11'2" X 30" - Stand Up Paddle Boards

Starboard SUP - Astro Blend 11'2" X 30" - Stand Up Paddle Boards

"Ultimate travel companion"The ultimate transportable flat-water to wave cross-over. Extremely user friendly, the Astro
Blend loves to be ridden or taken on a paddle cruise. The best bet for a family of riders from
all ages and abilities.


Astro Fun

• Extra tall high aspect pressure pump (14 -18 PSI)
• Lightweight, Vented, High tensile bag
• Slot based heavy duty fin system with removable center fin.
• Super strong reinforced 4” Linear drop-stitch material.
• High Tensile Rail band stringers for extra stiffness.
• 3/4 EVA Deck Pad
• Gear Tie Down straps for storage.
• Leash attachment point.

• Repair kit.


Astro Deluxe

• The Deluxe inflatable offering.
• Extra tall high aspect pressure single action pump (14 -18 PSI)
• Large, comfortable heavy duty back pack with extra room for gear storage.
• Astro box center and side fin box system.
• Foiled middle and side fins.
• Super strong reinforced 4” to 6” PVC drop-stitch material.
• Triple rail band stringers for extra stiffness.
• Full deck EVA.
• Soft handle cover for comfortable board carrying
• 4 D-rings on the nose for gearstorage.
• Leash attachment point.
• Repair kit.



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