Monster Paint SUP

Monster Paint SUP - Spray Grip - Paddleboard Accessories

Monster Paint SUP - Spray Grip - Paddleboard Accessories

Monster Paint spray on traction provides ample grip to any area of your stand up paddle board deck or stand up paddle shaft. Monster Grip is commontly used forward of the deck pad area towards the nose to allow walking and nose riding. When used on your paddle shaft it will allow you to focus on your paddle technique and not worry about your paddle slipping or rotating in your hand. You will apprciate the extra grip.

How many boards will 1 Spray Can of Monster Paint Traction cover? Surface coverage (using 3 coats each) is 3 Boards or 2 boards and 2 paddles.

Will Monster Paint Traction turn Yellow from prolonged Sun Exposure? Monster Paint has UV Sun Protection and will not turn yellow from sun exposure.

How do I apply Monster Paint Traction?Clean surface of all dirt, oil, wax, etc. Remove wax film after scraping with a Surf Wax Remover. Spray from a distance of 18" inches using smooth even strokes.

After each spray pass lift finger tip off spray nossle, this will give you control by not spraying to much in a given area. Apply 3 lite coats to build up the clear texture for long lasting traction.

How do I clean the surface area prior to appling Monster Paint Traction?Prep the surface using a Surf Wax Remover or paint thinner, and paper towels. All wax, oil, dirt, & wax film must be removed to insure proper adhesion.

How do I apply Monster Paint to my Paddle Shaft?First wipe the lower paddle shaft clean of all wax, oil and dirt. Tape off a 3 foot section were your lower hand grips the paddle. Spray just one very light coat while rotating the paddle. Add a new touch-up coat when ever needed.

What is the minimum temperature I can apply Monster Paint Traction?Apply when the temperature is 50*F (12*C) minimum, 90*F (32*C) maximum.

How long does it take to dry?Dry to the touch in 1 hour. Hard Cure time @ 77*F is 18 hours, Over Night cure is recommended.

What’s the best way to keep Monster Paint Traction clean?Clean Monster Paint Traction with dish soap and water. Scrub with a kitchen brush and rinse soap off thoroughly with clean water.

What can I do to remove Surf Wax and Beach Tar from Monster Paint Traction?Use a citrus based Surf Wax Remover. It will remove the wax and tar but will not remove the  Monster Paint Traction.

How long will Monster Paint Traction last?A 3-coat appliction cleaned and applied properly, allowed 18 hours cure time will last for 6 months or more before a touch-up coat is needed.

How can I remove Monster Paint Traction competely from my board?To remove Monster Paint Traction from the surface of your boards deck or paddle shaft use Lacquer Thinner and paper towels.